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By Sarah

Girls Will Code’s main initiative is focused on encouraging young learners’ interest and pursuit of STEM related passions. To accomplish this goal, we have been dedicated to organizing new learning opportunities and pathways, as well as continuing to inspire young minds.

However, as a result of the pandemic, our team was faced with the challenge of staying connected to students, partners, and schools. With limited face-to-face interaction, we were forced to consider what that loss meant in terms of sharing with and learning from others outside the Girls Will Code organization.

Oftentimes, it is easy to think that writing and STEM are barely related. STEM is based on hypotheses and algorithms and scientific theories, all elements that have little meaning for traditional literature. However, words are also the way we came to learn this, and the way we continue to learn new things. They are the means through which we share developments and lessons and successes of people in the STEM world.

So, this post is to welcome you to Girls Will Code’s latest project: an interactive blog!

Through this blog, Girls Will Code aims to bridge that disconnect between writing and STEM, and create a community centered around sharing outlooks and ideas. Readers will be able to stay informed on our ongoing and upcoming projects, learn about new technological movements and discoveries, and also share their own stories in STEM. We are equally excited to share with you our team’s own experiences with STEM, and the individuals behind the output on our social media and website. Additionally, there will be features on female leaders in STEM, online platforms for learning, and interesting career pathways.

Above all, Girls Will Code is excited to have another way to stay connected and continue sharing with others. Please look forward to our next post, and we hope you enjoyed reading!


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