Let's Collaborate!

  • Do you have a passion for technology, education and kids? If yes, then volunteer to teach coding in a public school! 

  • Want to help our events but don’t know how? We are open to host companies and sponsorships. 


Leave a message using the form found on our contact page for more information.


Bring coding to your school!

​Are you a teacher, a school administrator or someone working in a school? You can adopt coding as an afterschool activity. We have resources that are free for you to use to introduce coding in your schools. Register as a Girls Will Code club to get access to more resources and be featured on our social media!


Student Ambassadors lead coding meetups and gatherings in their schools and communities to encourage more girls to code. Student Ambassadors play a big role in the Girls Will Code Organization as they help us spread the Mission and Vision of the Organization.


  • Get exclusive invites to Girls Will Code meetups and events

  • Help grow our community of girl coders around the world

  • Know the latest news and updates in coding

  • Access to a network of fellow Girls Will Code Ambassadors around the world

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