Made with Code is a website for children who are interested in coding and crafts. It uses fun projects that are definitely easy to do. 

Recommended for: ​10 years old and up

Thinkersmith is a site that aims to introduce all ages to Computer Science. They offer resources that could be used by anyone who wants to start to learn how to code.  

Recommended for: ​All ages

We highly recommend the following sites to those who wants to learn how to code. We have a variety of coding sites that you can check depending on your age and experience in coding. 

Code Academy is an interavtive way to learn how to code. It offers different programming languages such as g Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript , Ruby, SQL, and Sass, as well as markup languagesHTML and CSS

Recommended for: ​14 years old and up


CS First is a program that's meant for teachers and community volunteers to form computer science clubs for kids.

Recommended for: ​Teachers

Scratch is a coding app wherein children can create animations and their own games.

Recommended for: ​5 years old and up

Hour of code contains one hour tutorials in over 45 languages.  

Recommended for: ​ALL AGES