The Coding School aims to introduce coding to everyone, but more specifically to students. They offer classes for children and teenagers interested in learning more about computer science.​

Recommended for: 7 years old and up

CS First is a program that's meant for teachers and community volunteers to form computer science clubs for kids.

Recommended for: ​Teachers

Made with Code is a website for children who are interested in coding and crafts. It uses fun projects that are definitely easy to do. 

Recommended for: ​10 years old and up

Thinkersmith is a site that aims to introduce all ages to Computer Science. They offer resources that could be used by anyone who wants to start to learn how to code.  

Recommended for: ​All ages

We highly recommend the following sites to those who wants to learn how to code. We have a variety of coding sites that you can check depending on your age and experience in coding. 

Scratch is a coding app wherein children can create animations and their own games.

Recommended for: ​5 years old and up

Code Academy is an interavtive way to learn how to code. It offers different programming languages such as g Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript , Ruby, SQL, and Sass, as well as markup languagesHTML and CSS

Recommended for: ​14 years old and up


Hour of code contains one hour tutorials in over 45 languages.  

Recommended for: ​ALL AGES